Almasdar Online English seeks to provide a global readership with impartial, on-the-ground reporting on Yemen

Almasdar Online launches independent English news site 

Almasdar Online ( has launched a new English-language news organization, focused on providing a global readership with impartial, informed reporting on Yemen and related developments in the Middle East and North Africa. Almasdar Online English ( will serve as a platform for independent, on-the-ground coverage of Yemen.

Under the leadership of Yemeni journalist and Editor-in-Chief Alkhatab Al-Rawhani and Managing Editor Casey Coombs, Almasdar Online English will maintain full editorial and financial independence from its Arabic-language sister website, which is also expanding its newsroom under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Sameer Jubran, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Ali Al-Fakiah and Managing Editor Adnan Al-Jabarni.

Years of conflict have devastated the media landscape in Yemen. The security vacuum and interference from warring parties and political groups have fostered an environment extremely hostile to independent journalism. Funding from regional powers with vested interests in Yemen has only worsened these conditions. 

Drawing on experienced Yemeni reporters throughout the country, and supported by a team of international editors and media professionals with experience working in Yemen, Almasdar Online English seeks to pave the way for original reporting on Yemen, independent of the warring parties and special interests. 

In addition to covering the most critical developments in Yemen, Almasdar Online English will also report in-depth stories on social and cultural issues, including stories that may challenge stereotyped depictions of Yemen.




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