The argument started on Christmas day, when the Chinese embassy to Yemen asked if the US ever found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

U.S. and Chinese embassies to Yemen spar on Twitter over Uighur Muslims

A diplomatic squabble between the Yemen missions of the United States and China has taken shape on Twitter over the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China.

The argument started on Christmas day, when the Chinese embassy to Yemen tweeted about the American invasion of Iraq, which killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims under the pretext that Sadam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

“Has America found any weapons of mass destruction so far?” the Chinese embassy asked in a tweet in Arabic.

“Lies are lies,” the Chinese embassy tweeted about eight hours later, highlighting US hypocrisy calling attention to the Uighur cause. 

The U.S. Embassy to Yemen responded three days later, noting a recent Committee to Protect Journalists report that listed China as the country with the most arrests of journalists, and a Freedom House report that has named China as having the world's worst internet freedom. 

Sunday, the US embassy tweeted a video explaining the Uighur plight and the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in detention camps run by the Chinese government. 

Since the emergence of the Uighur issue, China has tried to control the narrative by accusing the US of defamation and noting that Washington's hand is stained with Muslim blood in more than one place.




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